1. Late night editing session, short film for a buddy’s bachelor party. What happens in Charleston, stays on LinkedIn.

  2. This is 30 - Photo by @nealhawk

  3. Encinitas skylines, crayola crayola rock.

  4. Ending the weekend in Laguna with my two girlfriends, Kimmy and Jesse.

  5. Hawaii, the best of.

  6. Case of the Mondays

  7. This is 30.

  8. This is not real life.

  9. A backyard gate. The best birthday present ever. Thanks to @kimmyp.

  10. Aloooooooooooohaaa! (From our room with a view).

  11. Almost home…

  12. I’m going to pistol whip the next guy that says “shenanigans.”

  13. Mr. @craft_beard #tapnrun

  14. Chocolate pancakes with bananas and blueberries, courtesy of @kimmyp’s kitchen.

  15. Today doesn’t suck