Fantastic day of meetings with the Producers of the @indian_head_camp #film. We laughed, we cried, we didn’t get fired—yet? :) On to act two! #ihcfilm #nyc

I’m still a beach bum, but it’s a gorgeous day in the big city. Off to spend it in the editing dungeon.

Looks like somebody has a case of the Moondays. #moostachefilms

So you see that massive collection of notecards in the top right—yeah, that’s the @indian_head_camp movie. #ihcfilm

So… my brother taught the #cat how to take selfies.


Board meeting. I have the best team. #moostachefilms

New candidate for an internship at Moostache Films. What do you think, should we hire her? She looks awfully sneaky. #ihcfilm

Story board meeting. At this rate the @indian_head_camp film will be a mini-series. :)

What am I doing right now you ask? I’m editing my film about the best sleep away camp on the planet, @indian_head_camp. Wish me luck The Listserve, awesome post today! #thelistserveandme

At the top of the mountain I climbed yesterday, I saw the most beautiful pigeons.

Needed to get out of my editing cave for a day, so I spent it hiking the Appalachian Trail with my uncle. It was sweet. My butt hurts from climbing mountains.

Editing the part of the film where the kids went to the Adirondacks for four days where they went camping, hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and canoeing.

As my fourteen-year old girl campers would say, “I’m jelly.” #ihcfilm

Mom sent me a photo of her cat. The caption read, “Meowstache.” Yup.

Moostache siblings.