Public Service Announcement: Don’t ride bikes ever! Promise me! I said PROMISE ME!! PS - I’m a dummy.

Our team had a knack for getting the perfect shot—no matter how dangerous (read stupid) it may have been. #ihc #film #c300

And that, as they say campers—is a wrap! After nine weeks of on-location production at @indian_head_camp, we’re officially done shooting and off to the studio for edits. Stay tuned!

Tonight the kids put on skits where they made fun of the @indian_head_camp staff. I have no idea who this handsome dude was supposed to be though.

Josh The Moostache Films Intern. He may look young, but clearly his stache’ makes him legal.

Strange—the @indian_head_camp kids keep running away from the strange man in the moostache, and bazooka on his shoulder. #film

Saturday night shenanigans.

Thanks for my Moo milk bottles @stickermule, they do a story good.

Farewell my little drone—fly, fly.

Once again, I’m honored to have worked with @valdezign on the challenge of rebranding @indian_head_camp’s iconic logo with 74 years of history. The response has been incredible, just like all of Tino’s work. Thanks dude.

Cool story bro.

Fright Night at @indian_head_camp. Don’t watch it with the lights off. Full Version:

Photo bomb, @indian_head_camp style.

Dear @indian_head_camp, God you’re sexy.

First day off set from the @indian_head_camp #film production and I find bliss in an empty theater. I have a problem. #cinephile